Kunichika: Nakamura Shikan on Horseback and Raising Sword Triptych

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Artist: Toyohara Kunichika 豊原国周
Title: Scenes from Kabuki drama “Ichiban-nori-meiki no sashimono 駒松梅桜曙微” 
Date: 1865

Two exciting scenes from the Kabuki drama “Ichiban-nori-meiki no sashimono" 駒松梅桜曙微 which played at the Edo theater Morita-za in 1865. The two scenes are divided by a zigzagged graphic device which serves visually to create spatial separation.
We see Nakamura Shikan 中村芝翫 raising a sword on the right and the guardian figure Jôroku of Kongô-shin 金剛神畳六 looming in grey in the background. Middle is the actor Sawamura Tanosuke沢村田之助,  who plays Kake-zara, Mamahashi’s daughter継はし娘欠皿. At left we see the actor Nakamura Shikan中村芝翫 on horseback amidst roiling waves: he plays the warrior Sano Genzaemon 佐野源左衛門,  a legendary figure known also in Noh drama “Hachi-ki” 鉢木”. Genzaemon rides through flooding water to rescue Kake-zara, who is stranded atop the roof of the house. 
Publisher: Gusoku-ya 具足屋
Carver's seal: Asakura Hori Man 朝倉彫万
Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban triptych; each sheet 36 x 24.5
Signature: Kunichika ga