Koson 小原古邨: Swallow over Ocean Waves (Sold)

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Artist: Ohara Kōson (1877-1945)
Title: Swallow and Ocean Waves
Date: ca. 1920s-30s

A swallow with blue wings and an orange throat looks intently below as it hovers above dramatically cresting ocean waves, its focus on an unseen object of prey. Koson is at his best here, capturing the personality of this lovely bird against a terrific natural backdrop. Gofun (white powder made from crushed shells) has been hand-applied in a unique pattern to mimic the foam of the waves. Verso is the prewar “Made in Japan” seal that prints intended for export in the 1930s were required to bear.

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition. Small spot in sky, softer than shows in image scan.
Dimensions: 37 x 19 cm
Publisher:  Daikokuya (Matsuki Heikichi) (?)
Literature: Crows, Cranes and Camellias (2010), K 28.8, page 182.
Seal: Koson
Signature: Koson