Konen: Full Moon and Peaceful Village (Sold)

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Artist:  Uehara Konen (1878-1940)
Title: Full Moon and Peaceful Village
Date: pre-1923 (ca. 1910)

An enormous full moon rises behind the branches of two large trees. What look to be rice paddies are a soft green, so perhaps it is early spring. The two traditional farmhouses have windows that glow a soft yellow. Konen published most of his works with Kobayashi Bunshichi, whose shop was sadly destroyed in the 1923 earthquake. As mentioned in “The new wave”, works like these were reminiscent of Hiroshige and were probably intended for export. Konen studied painting with Kajita Hanko and Matsumoto Fuko. This is a scarce, pre-earthquake design. The chidori-shaped seal has the number 364.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: 16.6 x 37 cm
Publisher: Kobayashi Bunshichi
Signature:  Sealed Konen
Literature: For a discussion of this artist, see Reigle Stephens, Amy, gen. ed., The new wave: Twentieth-century Japanese prints from the Robert O. Muller Collection, 1993, p. 102.