Kiyoshi Saito: Storehouse in Aizu in Summer

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Artist: Saitō Kiyoshi (1907-1997)
Title: Storehouse in Aizu in Summer
Date: ca. 1960s

A man walks towards some distant greenery in what must be a summer scene. Our view is between two traditional buildings, one that is perhaps a workshop, with logs out front. Center we see what seems to be a traditional Japanese storehouse (kura), used to store valuables since ancient times. With the simplified forms and rich, deep textures that Saito’s woodblocks are celebrated for. In the US, Saito is perhaps the most popular and collected sosaku-hanga artist of the mid 20th century. The charm and folksy, rustic feeling of Saito work overlays a sophisticated mastery of design and technique.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. 
Dimensions: 29.3 x 40.5 cm
Publisher: Self-published
Seal: artist’s seal “Kiyoshi” in red
Signature: Kiyoshi Saito (in white)