Kiyoshi Saito: Green Field with Temple Pagoda

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Artist: Saitō Kiyoshi (1907-1997)
Title: Green Field with Temple Pagoda
Date: ca. 1960

A deep green field, full of texture, fills the foreground, while the deep blue sky, full of texture, fills the background of this view of a village surrounding a temple. It may be Nara or Kyoto, two places of deep history that Saito returned to over the years. The charm and folk-art feeling of Saito’s work overlays a sophisticated mastery of design. What stands out about this work are the deep textures that convey the richness of the scenery.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. 
Dimensions: 29.3 x 43.6 cm
Publisher: Self-published
Seal: artist’s seal “Kiyoshi” in red
Signature: Kiyoshi Saito (in black)