Kiyochika: Moon on a Chilly Night at Akashicho, Tsukiji (Sold)

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Artist: Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915)
Title: Moon on a Chilly Night at Akashicho, Tsukiji
Series: Views of Japan
Date: 1915 (1929)

Several isolated figures walk towards a bridge in this view of “Moon On a Chilly Night at Akashichô, Tsukiji”. The moon features a halo both red and yellow, and it reflects yellow on the water, lower left.  The clouds are especially pleasing here, as well. This series was designed by Kiyochika before is death, ca. 1913-1915, but only a few trial prints were published. In 1929  a total of 26 prints were issued, with the seal verso reading “Kiyochika Fukei Shin-ga hampu-kai” (Society for the Distribution of Kiyochika’s Landscapes). The works have a watercolor-like effect and a very pleasing palette. The combination of Kiyochika’s designs with the unsurpassed skills and techniques of the early Showa-era printers gives these works a surreal and unique feeling, as if stepping into a nostalgic reverie.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban (27 x 40.2 cm)
Publisher: Matsuki Heikichi
Seal: Artist’s seals
Signature: Kiyochika