Kiyonaga: Auspicious Morning (mizu no asa) (Sold)

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Artist: Torii Kiyonaga
Title: Auspicious Morning (mizu no asa)

This print depicts the lively scene of New Year’s morning in front of the flourishing publisher shop, Eiju-dô, Nishimura-ya which is known as one of three important publishers during the Ukiyo-e golden age of Kansei Period (1789-1801). It is known as the publisher which helped Kiyonaga’s debut. A large shop curtain shows Eiju-dô’s crest with three tomoes. At the shop front two kadomatsu, New Year decorations of pine tree are posted. The shop sign which says Nishimura-ya, book dealer (hondoi-ya), Eiju-dô has shimenawa wrapped around, a New Year’s sacred rope with tufts of paper . The title and the aritst’s signature are written on the pole at the very left. In the shop a man stands a Koryûsai’s print, probably one of his series hinagata wakana no hatsumoyô in his hand (a courtesan with two kamuros), the series which also was published by Eiju-dô. In the center a carrier with a box comes out with his delivery case. On the street a young man in his formal hakama attire with a sword, talks to a boy who shows a printed matter to him. A lady in a black headcover is talking with her attendant. Two boys cheerfully run with a kite, which has three-masu design, a crest of Kabuki actor, Ichikawa Danjûrô. Behind the gate, a group of children are playing with straw ropes which is held by a man, probably a street seller. A woman next to him is waving her hand to call for another .

Publisher: Nishimura-ya
Signature: Torii Kiyonaga ga