Kitao Masayoshi 北尾政美: Gray Starlings and Loquat Tree

Kitao Masayoshi 北尾政美: Gray Starlings and Loquat Tree

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Artist: Keisai 蕙斎 (Kuwagata Shôshin 鍬形紹真 Kitao Masayoshi 北尾政美)
Title: Grey Starlings (hakuto-o)  in a Loquat Tree
Date: 1789 

A Gray Starling holds in its beak loquat seed as a second bird looks on from its perch on the tree’s trunk.  With the excellent provenance of  Hiyashi Tadamasa, who has affixed his seal lower left.  Terrific kacho-e from the 18th century; scarce. 

Hillier notes that this series has an “exotic” flavor, as Masayoshi based his drawings on those of a Chinese artist.  Hillier also notes that Masayoshi was unusual in that unlike most of the Ukiyo-e artists, he was not tied to Edo or the normal range of [ukiyo-e] subjects. 

Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition.  Small ink notations verso, upper margin. Binding holes at right and minor wormage in white area.
Dimensions: 25.6 x 38.3 cm
Literature: Jack Hillier, “The Art of the Japanese Book” (1987), pages 469-470. See MET Museum, MFA.