Kishio Koizumi: Snow at Akama Gate

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Artist: Kishio Koizumi (1893-1945)
Title: Snow at Akama Gate
Date: 1936

"One Hundred Pictures of Great Tokyo in the Showa Era: National Treasure, Imperial University Akamon Gate (no. 85)" (Showa dai Tokyo hyakuzue: Kokuho Teikoku Daigaku Akamon). Koizumi Kishio  self-published 100 designs in this very interesting series, although it took nine years to complete after the first work was published in 1928.  In general the designs are very strong, and have a fresh perspective that is distinctive to this series. This oblique view of the famous gate at Tokyo University in snow features uniquely printed snow that has been applied with mica in an irregular vertical pattern that is stunning in person. The strong diagonals of the design also seem to echo the style of Hiroshige’s 100 Famous Views of Edo. These works were sold by subscription club, which the artist declared to be limited to 50 members. Scarce.

Series: Great Tokyo in the Showa Era 昭和大東京百図絵版画
Dimensions: 30.5 x 39.5 cm  
Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. 
Signature: Izumi in Kanji and Koizumi Kisio in block Roman letters.