Kawanabe Kyosai: Noh kyogen Scene: Stealing a melon (Kyôgen uri nusuto) (Sold)

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Artist: Kawanabe Kyōsai (1831-89)
Title: Noh kyogen Scene: Stealing a melon (kyôgen:uri nusuto)
Date: Meiji Period

Kyosai brings to life a scene from a Noh kyogen play, which is a very rare subject for an ukiyo-e artist. The story goes as follows: A poor man goes into a field to steal a melon without realizing that the owner of the field was disguised as a scarecrow. During the celebration of a festival the robber was caught by the scarecrow, (the owner) and received a beating. This scene has been captured by Kyosai , who was interested in Noh and Kyôgen and has caught the moment of action. Both actors wear the voluminous and finely wrought robes of the Noh stage, and the actor at right wears a mask that is specific to the role. The man at left wears a garment with a crow on it, which most certainly refers to the story. Kyogen plays and interludes were comedic stage art that was generally performed between Noh plays or as interludes, and are generally humorous, intended to bring gentle laughter to the audience.

Dimensions: Oban (26 x 37.5)
Signature: Nyokû Kyosai with a red seal Dôyû

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. Faint center fold, as this was perhaps part of a folding album.