Katsukawa Shunsho: The Actor Otani Hiroemon III with Sword (Reserved)

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Artist: Katsukawa Shunsho
Title: The Actor Otani Hiroemon III with Sword
Date: Ca. 1780s

A kabuki actor, probably Otani Hiroemon III, strikes a pose, looking to his right as he grasps his sword with his right hand and a holds a disc-shaped object in his teeth. Perhaps the object is a mirror, one that is somehow precious and important to the story being told. Judging by the partial mon visible on the robe around the waist, this is a member of Otani acting lineage, perhaps Otani Hiroemon III, who was acclaimed as the best actor of villains in his day.

Condition: Very good impression and condition. Good/fair color.
Dimensions: hosoban 31 x 14 cm
Signature: Shunsho ga