Kampo: Ichikawa Sadanji II as Hishikawa Gengobei

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Artist: Yoshikawa Kanpō
Title: Ichikawa Sadanji II as Hishikawa Gengobei
Series: Kanpo’s Creative Prints, First Series (Kanpo sosaku-Hanga Shu Daiishu)
Date: 1923

Strong portrait of the kabuki actor Ichikawa Sadanji II in the role of Hishikawa Gengobei. Beautifully printed near the time of the 1923 earthquake, this work features strong contrasts and a silver mica background. On the reverse a seal reads “Limited edition of 200, produced by Sato Shotaro....print number 75.” Dated “Taisho 12 [1923], Autumn.”

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: 42.1 x 27.4 cm
Publisher: Sato Shotaro
Signature: Kanpo