Kamisaka Sekka: Thunder God Raijin Beating his Drum (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist:  Kamisaka Sekka (1866-1942)
Title: Thunder God Raijin Beating his Drum
Series: From the album A World of Things (Momoyogusa)

Date: 1909/1910

Portrait of the green thunder god Raijin beating his drums from his abode in the center of a black storm cloud. His hair flows around him, his fangs are bared, and he wears a tiger-skin skirt. In this groundbreaking album, Sekka invigorated classic Japanese themes with a new energy. This reimagined thunder god has gold antlers and drumsticks, and seems to burst from the page, glowing with vitality. Sekka was a towering master of pure, distilled Rimpa design perfection, as evidenced by the avalanche of contemporary products bearing designs from his prints, from socks to mugs to postcards. From the album “A World of Things” (Momoyogusa), considered the pinnacle masterwork of Rimpa school printmaking, and called a “tour de force” in the Sekka catalog of 2004 (page 298). In the same catalog Kurt Gitter MD called Momoyagusa “Among the world masterpieces of twentieth-century woodblock printing...”  (page 11 in the 2003 catalog.)

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition. With the usual center fold.
Dimensions: 30 x 44.8 cm
Publisher: Unsodo
Literature: See “Kamisaka Sekka: Rimpa Master--Pioneer of Modern Design,” 2003, page 259.