Ito Takashi: Mount Fuji from Susono (1894-1892) (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist: Itō Takashi
Title: View of Mount Fuji from Susono
Date: 1952

The peak of the snow-capped Mount Fuji is tinged with dawn pink, rising dramatically against a purple-pink sky. It is winter, as bare-branched trees are seen in silhouette. The windows of the farmhouses glow an inviting yellow color. The artist has chosen to date the work “1-9-5-2..2nd month” instead of using the usual Showa dating method. This is a first edition, as seen from the round Watanabe seal that is used in the lower right corner. An unknown collector’s seal is lower right margin. The city of Susono is in Shizuoka Prefecture and is one of the four cities south of Fuji that offer the finest views of the splendid peak.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban 26 x 38.6 cm
Publisher: Watanabe Shôzaburô
Signature: Takashi