Isoda Koryusai 田湖龍斎: Erotic Print (Shunga) of a Couple Making Love 春画

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Artist: Isoda Koryusai 田湖龍斎 (active ca. 1760s-1780s)
Title: Erotic Print (Shunga) of a Couple Making Love 春画
Date: ca. 1770-1771

A nude woman and man enjoy intercourse atop two heavy futons and surrounded by several layers of elegant quilts. She wears a loincloth and positions herself on his lap with her head resting on her arm for support. We see a tokonoma at right with a sculpture of a lion dog and a hanging scroll. To the right is a small brazier with a teapot, with a single teacup seen lower right. The small notes in Japanese script at bottom usually say things like “oohh...right there” or similar pillow talk. From an untitled series.

Condition: Very good impression and color. Good condition. With centerfold and probable trimming at top. 
Dimensions: chûban 18 x 25.2 cm
Literature:This seems to belong to the same untitled series listed as “C” in "Japanese erotic prints: shunga by Harunobu and Koryûsai" by Inge Klompmakers, (2001), eleven of which are shown on pages 78-100.
Signature: Unsigned, as usual