Ishii Hakutei: Akasaka Geisha (SOLD)

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Artist: Ishii Hakutei 石井柏亭
Title: Akasaka Beauty
Series: Twelve Views of Tokyo  東京十二景
Date: 1914-1917

We see a young geisha with a dragon-patterned obi about to enter a room, standing next to a sliding door. The entrance serves as a terrific framing device around her. At right is an inset cartouche that shows a snowy hill that must be part of Akasaka. This work is interesting in its use of blank space as part of the design. The artist wrote in a 1910 advertisement for this series “The publishing of Tokyo junikei represents a move back to the original features of a Japanese woodblock print”, as a way to revitalize the traditional bijin-ga of ukiyo-e. This work predates the forthcoming wave of bijin-ga by the shin hanga masters Shinsui and Kotondo and their contemporaries.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: oban (39.5 x 26 cm)
Signature: Hakutei   Publisher: Yanagiya-shoten, Seikado

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