Hasegawa Sadanobu II: Western building in Osaka

Sadanobu II: Western building in Osaka (Sold)

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Artist: Hasegawa Sadanobu II
Title: Western building in Osaka
Series: ...Shinsha Naniwa Hyakkei...(Hundred Scenes of Naniwa)
Date: ca. 1868

A striking contrast between old and new in Meiji Japan. A traditionally-clad beauty leans on the roof of an old-fashioned wooden boat, and behind her rise what look like smokestacks on the grounds of a very western-looking building. The place is given as Naniwa, a place in Osaka. The series may also be based on the writings of Ikkadou Hansui (1828-1882), but this print is difficult to decipher. The site name may read Kawasaki Kinfukiba, which is now the site of the Osaka mint.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Repair near left margin and creasing.
Dimensions: chûban
Publisher: Wataya Yoshibei