Hokkei: Autumnal Landscape (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist: Totoya Hokkei
Title: Autumnal Landscape
Date: Ca. 1820s

A woman carries a boy on her back as she crosses a plank bridge from a shrine. A man entertains the baby with a toy of a rat dressed as Daikoku. On the bank of the river are two samurai marveling at the coloring of the maple trees. Surimono-like printing, with metallic silver in the waves.

a woman crossing a bridge;a man playing with a small boy on her back; two men in distance praising coloring of maple trees.

Condition: Very good impression and color. Good condition. Center fold; crease upper left corner. Probably trimmed
Dimensions: Album sheet (aiban)
Seal: Collector’s seal of Hayashi Tadamasa
Signature: Hokkei