Hiroshi Yoshida 吉田博: Hirosaki Castle 櫻八題 弘前城 (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist: Yoshida Hiroshi (1876-1950)
Title: Hirosaki Castle 櫻八題 弘前城
Date: 1935
Series: Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura hachidai)

Hirosaki Castle is almost completely obscured by boughs laden with cherry blossoms. We see the distinctive silhouette above its moat, pink blossoms hanging heavily down. This work was apparently created using zinc plates instead of woodblocks, as Yoshida was experimenting with methods to create ever more intricate designs. Verso we see where vigorous rubbing occurred during the creation of the work; it is true that this work does look different from most Yoshida designs when viewed verso.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Some minor creasing in margins.
Dimensions: ôban (40.1 x 27.2 cm)
Publisher: Self-published by the artist.
Literature: Brown, Kendall H., et. al., A Japanese Legacy: Four Generations of Yoshida Family Artists, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 2002, p. 65, no. 40 Koyama Shuko, Beautiful Shin Hanga- Revitalization of Ukiyo-e, Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum, 2009, p. 90, no. 2-65 See MFA, Honolulu. 
Seal: Jizuri (“self-printed”) in ink
Signature: Yoshida in ink (Japanese) and Hiroshi Yoshida in pencil (Romaji)