Hiroshige: The10th Act (Jû dan) of the 47 Ronin

Hiroshige: The10th Act (Jû dan) of the 47 Ronin (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Hiroshige
Title: The10th Act (Jû dan) of the 47 Ronin
Series: 47 Royal Retainers (Chûshingura)

Hiroshige published many series of Chûshingura from different publishers in various sizes. For the 10th act of this series of Chûshingura Hiroshige depicts the night scene in front of Oil merchant Gihei of Amagawaya, who had to ask his wife to leave him because he was determined to be loyal to the retainers and could not share his secret with his wife. Amagawa-ya was to organize the weapons for the retainers. At one point he was attacked in the house and asked to tell the truth. However, he did not reveal his secret, although his marriage and family were in danger. Soon it came out that these attackers were the retainers themselves who wanted to check Gihei’s strange behavior. Gehei proved them his loyalty. This series is framed by bamboo and futasu tomoe, the family crest of Ôishi Kuranosuke (Ôboshi Yuranosuke).

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: horizontal ôban
Publisher: Arita-ya Kiyoemon
Signature: Hiroshige ga