Hasui 巴水: Futamigaura Beach 二見ケ浦 (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist: Kawase Hasui 川瀬 巴水 (1883-1957)
Title: Futamigaura Beach 二見ケ浦 
Series: Collection of Scenic Views of Japan II, Kansai Edition 日本風景集 関西篇
Date: May, 1933

Two rocks are joined by a sacred Shinto rope in eternal matrimony; these are known as the “husband and wife” rocks, and are said to represent the primordial parent gods Izunami and Izanagi.  The clouds and sea reflect the colors of the dawn sky. With the earliest Watanabe seal for this design, in use between 1930 and 1942.

Condition: Very good impression and condition. Good/fair color (some fading). 
Dimensions: Ôban (26.2 x 38.6 cm)
Publisher: Watanabe
Literature:  Hotei #320. See VMFA online for Balcer example. 
Seal: Kawase
Signature: Hasui