Hasui 川瀬巴水: Spring Rain at the Gokoku Temple 春雨(護国寺 (Sold)

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Artist: Kawase Hasui 川瀬巴水 (1883-1957)
Title: Spring Rain at the Gokoku Temple 春雨(護国寺)(Harusame Gokokuji)
Date: March, 1932

A beauty walks in the rain towards the red gates of Gokoku Temple. She is alone, and the bright spots of color  that draw the eye are her red-lined purple kimono and the glimpse of cherry blossoms in the background. The rain falls in straight, dark lines, and the ground seems to be almost covered by water, which reflects the scene beautifully. Gokoku-ji was one of the few temples in Tokyo to survive the destruction of WWII; It was established by Tokugawa Tsuyahoshi around 1700. Regarding the printer/carver seals, Katsumura was one of the most respected carvers of the Taisho and prewar Showa times. The publisher’s seal of Doi Hangaten indicates that this work was probably published postwar, although the paper is consistent with an early postwar edition. Collectors should be aware that a version of this work with completely recarved blocks have been showing up on the internet. Paper is watermarked "Doi" at upper left.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Soft yellow stripes in top margin, probably from a previous mount.
Dimensions: ôban (40 x 26.5 cm)
Publisher: Doi Hangaten
Literature: Narazaki #D-10; Hotei/Brown #277. See Art Institute of Chicago, Worcester Art Museum.
Seal: Engraver/Printer seals of Ito and Katsumura
Signature: Hasui