Hasegawa Sadanobu 貞信: True View of Kawaguchi 川口の真景 (Sold)

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Artist: Hasegawa Sadanobu (1809-1879)
Title: True View of Kawaguchi 川口の真景
Series: Mirror of 100 Famous Views of Osaka (Naniwa hyakkei no uchi)
Date: Ca. late 1850s

True View of Kawaguchi. 川口の真景. The original wrapper for this series had the title: Naniwa hyakkei meisho shashin kagami (A Mirror of 100 Famous Views of Osaka — Truthfully Copied); the series was never completed — approximately 63 designs are known. This rain scene is considered one of the best designs in the series. Framed by the masts and stays of a cargo vessel, we can see in the distance, through a heavy downpour, a guardhouse at the convergence of the Aji and Kizu Rivers. The debt to Hiroshige is clear. With mica highlights in the black areas.

Condition: Excellent impression and condition, very good color.
Dimensions: chûban (17.5 x 25 cm)
Publisher: Wataya Kihei
Signature: Sadanobu sha