Hasui: Hachinohe-Same

Hasui: Hachinohe-Same (Sold)

Kawase Hasui

  • Sold.

Artist: Kawase Hasui
Title: Hachinohe-Same
Series: Collection of Scenic Views of Japan, Eastern Japan Edition (Nihon fûkei shû higashi Nihon hen)
Date: 1/1933 (Showa hachinen ichigatsu saku)

Waves crash against rocks, clouds bright against a clear sky. There is another version of this work, one with rain beating down.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Watanabe Shôzaburô
Literature: Narasaki #200b; Hotei #292a
Seal: Watanabe
Signature: Hasui with Kawase seal