Harunobu: Beauty Overlooking Seascape (Sold)

Suzuki Harunobu

  • Sold.

Artist: Suzuki Harunobu
Title: Beauty Overlooking Seascape
Date: ca. 1769

A lady of the court raises her tasseled fan. She faces a distinctive bell-shaped window and takes in the view, probably at sunset. In the distance a flock of geese take flight above the river. The fragrance of a cherry tree outside floats into the room. Her outer garments have the design of cherry blossoms. Along the low walls underneath the windows, decoration of pines and ships may be hinting at the place where the lady is looking at--Miho no Matsubara in the Suruga Bay.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. On deluxe heavy paper. Small areas of expertly repaired wormage. Oxidation of lead pigment, as usual. Untrimmed.
Dimensions: chûban
Signature: Harunobu ga