Hasui: Hall of the Golden Hue, Hiraizumi (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist: Kawase Hasui
Title: Hall of the Golden Hue, Hiraizumi
Date: 1957

This was Hasui’s final work, like a visual poem eloquently bidding farewell to the world. Perhaps the artist sees himself ascending the steps to Amida’s pureland, just as this monk ascends the steps to the Hall of the Golden Hue. The first state of this work, as indicated by the seal in the mid-left margin, was distributed by Hasui’s widow to those who attended Hasui’s memorial service after his death. There is a later edition that has more seals in the left margin.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Watanabe Shôzaburô
Literature: Narazaki #567; Hotei #613
Seal: Kawase and “Zippitsu” (”Last Work”)
Signature: Hasui