Goyō: “Mount Ibuki in Snow”. (Sold)

  • Sold.

Artist: Hashiguchi Goyō
Title: “Mount Ibuki in Snow”.
Date: 1920, January (Taishô kyûnen ichigatsu)

The eye follows the cool blue river past snow-laden pines to the indistinct outline of Mount Ibuki in the northern distance. The feeling is subtle and serene, just as a winter landscape should be. One hundred impressions of this print were distributed by Watanabe (hence his seal) to the art collector club, the Edo-e Kanshôkai.

Publisher: Circular publisher’s seal of Watanabe lower right
Literature: “The new wave”, page 128 figure 129.
Seal: With a limited edition seal on the back (15/100)
Signature: Goyô ga