Eisen Keisai: Omiya on the Kisokaido

Eisen Keisai: Omiya on the Kisokaido (Sold)

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Artist: Eisen Keisai
Title: Omiya on the Kisokaido
Series: “Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido Road”.
Date: ca 1835-1842

Omiya yado Fuji Enkei. The post station of Omiya on the Kisokaido Road. We see palanquin bearers with a passenger heading to the right, towards the elevated embankment that has been raised above the rice fields. To the left we see an old man with a wooden digging tool and a young boy with a collecting basket passing a large stone marker erected in honor of Seimen kongo, a local god. Mount Fuji is beautifully framed by blooming cherry trees. Both Hiroshige and Eisen designed prints for this series.

Condition: Very good impression and condition. Excellent color. Barely perceptible center fold.
Dimensions: 24 x 36.7 cm (ôban)
Publisher: Takenouchi
Literature: See “Hiroshige, Eisen: The Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kisokaido” plate 5, page 24.