Eisen Keisai: An inn in Kanagawa No.4 (Kanagawa no yado jûichi) (Sold)

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Artist: Eisen Keisai
Title: An inn in Kanagawa No.4 (Kanagawa no yado jûichi)

The view over the fourth station of the Tôkaidô, Kanagawa is depicted on the upper half of the sheet. In the center of the print a woman reads a long letter and puts her hand under the warm kimono, which is decorated with plum blossoms, their buds, and pine needles. An envelope lies in front of her. The picture is accompanied by a poem written by Sanyû-an, referring to the sound of the waves in the bay.

Dimensions: ôban
Publisher: Tsutaya Kichizô
Literature: Yoshida Teruji:”Ukiyoe Jiten” ill.p.399, Vol.II
Seal: Censor’s “kiwame” seal (used during 1791-1842)
Signature: Keisai Eisen ga