Eigyoku (?): Fan Print with Sumo Wrestlers Commemorative Picture (SOLD)

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Artist: Eigyokusai (?)
Title: Sumo Wrestlers Fan Print; Miniature of Framed Picture, Which Was Offered To The Senso-ji Temple, Konryuu-zan 浅草⾦⿓⼭奉額縮図
Date: Meiji Period (undated)

Unusual fan print that seems to commemorate a painting that was offered to Sensoji Temple during the Meiji period. The painting (or perhaps print?) may have been made to commemorate a fundraising sumo match for the temple. We see three sumo wrestlers and three officials within a western-style framing device. In the center is Yokozuna Jinmaku Kyûgorô 陣幕久五郎 wearing ceremonial keshô-mawashi in front, raising his right foot in the center of the composition. To his right is Shachi-no-umi Umekichi 鯱の海梅吉, holding a ceremonial sword. To his left is Aioi Matsugorô 相⽣松五郎 on his left, and referee Shikimori Inosuke 式守伊之助 holding his gunpai referee fan. Two Oyakata, stable masters in black haori coats are also shown.  They are Isenoumi 伊勢の海with a fan and Tamagaki ⽟垣 behind Aioi. Perhaps this fan print was given out to fans (donors) who attended the match. In an unusual touch, there is a generous layer of mica atop the print.

Condition: Very good impression; excellent color and condition.
Dimensions: untrimmed uchiwa-e  23 x 24.5 cm
Signature: Ei gyoku sai? ga 英⽟⻫?画