Kuniyoshi: Drawing of two seated warriors.

Kuniyoshi: Drawing of two seated warriors. (Sold)

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Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Title: Drawing of two seated warriors.
Date: ca 1840s

Sketch of two fierce warriors in full battle regalia. Due to Kuniyoshi’s attention to detail, we can identify the man at right as Kato Kiyomasa (1562-1611). He is portrayed in the “Taiheiki Eiyuden”, number 22, with the same helmet and holding a fan. One of his men sits beside him on a pelt at full attention. The figure at left has red under-drawing, which is very unusual for a Kuniyoshi drawing. The back of the paper has been used for some type of accounting or numeration, and there are smudges where a brush has been tested at right. It is possible that the person next to him is one of the “Seven Spears of Shizugatake”, who would have fought with Kato for Totomi Hideyoshi, unifier of Japan.

Dimensions: 14 cm x 23.5 cm, approx