Kawanabe Kyōsai (School of)

Kawanabe Kyōsai

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Artist: Kawanabe Kyōsai (School of)
Title: Untitled
Date: 1861

Front half size: A scene in a room: a courtesan seated beside an arm rest in front of a screen with many shikishi and tanzaku for poems and looks away from a man who stands with a sword in one hand and a fan in the other. The format is square and one edge near his signature is cut. Large flowers interferes the border line. Right top: the same flowers in fan shape. right below a landscape viewing from high over the mountains over the water. A group of buildings by the water. Front other half:Four Chinese nobles and soldiers On the other side of this sheet (oban): ever-smiling Fukurokuju with his crane

Dimensions: front: ôban divided into two back: oban
Publisher: Ise-ya Sôemon
Seal: Censor’s seal: kiwame & Cock Year (1861)
Signature: Seisei Kyôsai


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