Takahashi Hiroaki (Shotei) 高橋松亭 弘明: Fuji Near Kamiide

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Artist: Takahashi Hiroaki (Shotei) (1871-1945)
Title:  Fuji Near Kamiide 
Date: Ca. 1929-32

Mount Fuji rises against a brilliant sunset sky, fields spreading out before us in this winter scene. Bare trees stand foreground, and a quilt of planted fields  creates texture in the middle of the design. Towering above the plain we see darker gullies leading to the eminent snowy peak of Fuji-san as it rises against a brilliant orange sky with purple clouds.

This is from a rare series published by Fusui Gabo, and the blocks from this publisher were destroyed during WWII.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. 
Dimensions: 26 x 39 cm 
Publisher: Fusui Gabo