Chikanobu: Immortal Goddess on Beach (Sold)

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Artist: Yōshū Chikanobu
Title: Immortal Goddess on Beach
Series: Nihon Meijo Banashi (Stories of Famous Women of Japan)
Date: 1893

From the Claremont College website: According to the text panel, "Ransen was originally a person from Japan, and even though she was a woman, she had a pure heart and acquired the magic of the immortals, riding dragons and floating on clouds without end. From other sources, she reportedly attained spiritual awakening to the teachings of Buddhism and learned Daoist techniques. Eventually she resided at the base of Mt. Yoshino and protected that realm. Chikanobu depicts her sailing over the coast, holding a gnarled staff like a Chinese immortal. She looks back to the shore where a little boy points her out to three adults, one of whom appears to be a female traveler, perhaps on a pilgrimage to Yoshino and Kumano on the Kii Peninsula.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. Mint.
Dimensions: ôban diptych
Signature: Yôshû Chikanobu