Chikanobu: Flute Player Triptych

Chikanobu: Flute Player Triptych (Sold)

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Artist: Yōshū Chikanobu
Title: Flute Player Triptych
Date: 1883

Hakamadare Yasusuke Approaching Fujiwara no Yasumasa Playing the Flute by Moonlight. According to the notes in “Beauty & Violence”, Yoshitoshi’s flute player triptych of 1883 was inspired by his painting (now at the Worcester Art Museum) of the same subject in 1882. Two months after Yoshitoshi published his triptych, Ichikawa Danjûrô IX inserted a dance scene into the kabuki play Kokoru no koma ikenno hitofushi, with Danjûrô playing Fujiwara no Yasumasa, performed at the theater Shintomiza. This design is dated the fifth month of 1883. So this appears to be a print based on a Meiji kabuki scene that was based on a print that was based on a painting by Yoshitoshi of a famous Heian period story.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: ôban triptych
Literature: The Legion of Honor in San Francisco has this print on their website, but the date they have is incorrect.
Signature: Yôshû Chikanobu-hitsu with his toshidama seal in red