Asano Takeji: Moonlit Evening at Shin-Yodogawa

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Artist: Asano Takeji (1913-1998)
Title: Moonlit Evening at Shin-Yodogawa
Date: 1934 (Dated Showa 9, 7th month on left margin)

A three-quarter moon rises above a peaceful lake, the great Shin-Yodogawa Bridge seen mirage-like in the distance. In the foreground are a group of small moored wooden boats–we catch a  glimpse of a man poling one of these prewar vessels in the middle distance at right. Just a few smokestacks are seen on the opposite bank, hints of the heavy industries to come. This work is done entirely in shades of blue, a style known as aizuri-e (blue picture), made popular in the Edo Period by Hiroshige.  Asano Takeji was a Kyoto-based artist who worked in both the shin hanga and sosaku hanga styles. This is a self-published print that was done prior to his work with Unsodo. First edition.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: 30.5 x 22.6 cm
Series: Shin Osaka Fukei no uchi 新大阪風景之内
Seal: Asano, left margin

Signed: Takeji ga to