Kuniyoshi 国芳: Yoshitsune discovers Washino-o no Saburo Trussing a Boar

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Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)
Title: Washino-o no Saburô Becomes a Follower of Yoshitsune and His Guide to Hiyodorigoe Prior to Ichinotani (Ichinotani no uchite ni te Washinoo no Saburô Yoshitsune to shûjû no keiyaku o nashi Hiyodorigoe no annaisha to naru) The Secrets of Strategy (San ryaku den, 三略伝) 程義経恋源
Series: Mirror of the Life of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, the Wellspring of Romance (Hodo Yoshitsune koi no minamoto ichidai kagami, sanryakuden)一代鏡 三略伝 一の谷の打手にて鷲尾三郎 よし経と主従の契約をなし 鵯越の案内者となる
Date: 1853

Yoshitsune (middle) discovers Washino-o Saburo-o at Hidori-goyoe trussing up a wild boar prior to the Battle of Ichi-no-tani. According to the title, it was here that Saburô becomes a follower of Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune and his attendant are in tall grass, and a waterfall is seen at right, indicating a rather untamed and wild location. Yoshitsune was one of Kuniyoshi’s favorite subjects, and was a hero whose exploits were well-known by the Japanese thanks to the many plays and novels about him. He was born in 1159 and eventually led an assault on the Taira forces at Ichinotani before defeating them at the naval battel of Dan-no-oura. The title cartouche at left is in the shape of a partially unrolled handscroll.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Unbacked. 
Dimensions: ôban (37 x 24.7 cm)
Publisher: Kinjudo
Literature: Robinson S65.11. See MFA and British Museum collections.
Seal: kiri
Signature: Ichiyûsai Kuniyoshi ga