Yoshitoshi: The Spirit of the Cormorant Fisherman

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title: Nichiren and the Ghost of the Cormorant Fisherman
Date: 1885

The great Buddhist priest Nichiren and his attendant Nikko project peace and forgiveness as they pray for the blighted soul of the cormorant fisherman Kansaku, appearing in the form of the wretched apparition at left. Kansaku’s soul could not find rest after he had died as a result of fishing in a sacred area. The three-quarter moon, the attentive cormorants and the fire blazing against the lush river darkness combine masterfully to create the intended mood. The story of Nichiren and the cormorant fisherman is the basis of the kabuki play ‘Nichiren shonin minori  no umi” (Priest Nichiren and the waters of Dharma).

Condition: Very good impression impression, color and condition. Some soiling, especially to margins and some toning to reverse.
Dimensions: ôban triptych  (37 x 75 cm, approx)
Publisher: Akiyama Takeemon
Literature: See “Beauty & Violence”  figure 49, page 69. See also “The Splendid Decadent”, plate 53, page 87.
Seal: Taiso
Signature: Yoshitoshi


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