Umetaro Azechi: Graveyard at Sengakuji

Maekawa Senpan

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eArtist: Umetaro Azechi (1902-1999)
Title: Graveyard at Sengakuchi.
Date: 1945

This work is part of a portfolio of 15 prints that were published by the Japanese Print Association as a reminder of what was lost during the war. This specific work depicts the graveyard at Sengakuchi, which houses the resting place of the 47 Ronin. We see a woman, lower left, with a pink-patterned coat, and a man with a folded umbrella and a schoolgirl in the quiet environs of the cemetery. A Buddhist statue is the largest figure, lower right and a stone lantern is prominent at left. We see the hilly woodland beyond.

Condition: WIth original folder
Publisher: Uemura Masuro


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