Oda Kazuma: Willows in Snow at Shinobazu

Oda Kazuma 1882-1956

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Artist: Oda Kazuma 1882-1956
Title: Willows in Snow  at Shinobazu
Date: ca. 1930

Oda Kazuma worked both in the sosaku hanga and shin hanga worlds, meaning that he both printed and carved his own works and would also work with a publisher and professional artisans to create shin hanga. This work would seem to belong to the former category, looking very much like a self-caved and self-printed work. The exact date for this work seems to be unknown, but most sources say early Shôwa era. It is possible that it is also Taisho. Verso is written in pencil “1918.”.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Dimensions: 26.6 x 35.6 cm  Series: Six Views of New Tokyo
Lit: See MFA website. Helen Merritt, Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints, 1990, p. 62
Helen Merritt, Guide to Modern Japanese Woodblock Prints, 1992, p. 114.
Seal: “Kazuma”  


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