Tobari Kogan 戸張孤雁: Mountain Waterwheel 山の水車 with Keyblock

Tobari Kogan 戸張孤雁 (1882-1927)

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Artist: Tobari Kogan  戸張孤雁 (1882-1927)
Title:  Mountain Waterwheel 山の水車

Miyashita, the Fifth Stage from Famous Views of Hakone. A waterwheel at left stands in a streambed, the water coursing by to the right. There is a stone retaining wall at left and a pleasant stone path to the right. Lush greenery is all around. Sold with its keyblock, an extremely rare example of a sosaku-hanga keyblock print. The keyblock print was printed during the process of creating the final woodblock, as there are changes to the block that are evident in the final print, especially in the rocks in the foreground and the rocks on the wall at left. There is a blindprinted seal in the lower left corner of the print, but it is unread. Tobari Kogan was an important early sosaku hanga artist, but he designed only a few prints.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition.
Date: ca. 1921
Signed:  Kogan
Size: 25.8 x 39 cm (print)


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