Miki Suizan 三木翠山: Hozu Rapids in Early Summer (Hatsunatsu no Hozugawa)

Miki Suizan (三木翠山) (1887-1957)

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Artist: Miki Suizan (1887-1957)
Title: Hozu Rapids in Early Summer
Date: 1924

Interesting work showing two men enjoying the experience of river rapids from a small wooden boat that is being steered by three different boatmen. The passengers would seem to be tourists, as there is no luggage to be seen. Shoka no Hozu-gawa is from the series of 14 prints “New Selection of Noted Places of Kyoto--First Series”. The Toledo catalog indicates that this print was printed in an edition of only 200.

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. Small nick in upper left margin.
Publisher:  Satô Shôtarô
Seal: 27.7 x 40.5 cm
Literature: Brown et al., Fresh Impressions (2013), cat. 129; Hizô ukiyo-e taikan: Mura (Muller coll.; 1990), fig. 76. Dorothy Blair, Modern Japanese Prints; Toledo Museum of Art, 1930 (reprint 1997); nos. 114-127. See MFA Boston online.


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