Ishikawa Toraji 石川寅治: Clearing After A Rain Shower (Shuu Ikka) 驟雨一過

Ishikawa Toraji

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Artist: Ishikawa Toraji  石川寅治                          
Title: Clearing After A Rain Shower (Shuu Ikka) 驟雨一過
Date: 1936

Colorful boats with bright, patched sails are perhaps returning to port on a crowded waterway. Large eyes are painted on the prow of each boat, a tradition of the watermen of the Mekong Delta. The mostly conical hats and the dress of the people would also point to Southeast Asia as a location, although Toraji has not indicated where this scene is taking place. This example has unusually bright, fresh colors.

Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition. Mounting remnants at top, verso.
Dimensions: 37 x 48.3 cm
Publisher: Printer is Urashibara Eijirô and Carver is Yamagishi Kazue
Signature:  Ishikawa
Seal:  Artist's seal


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