Hasui 巴水: Including a Collection of Pre-earthquake Designs

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) is a towering figure in 20th century Japanese woodblock prints. He worked with Watanabe Shozaburo to create more than 600 designs, the vast majority of them landscape scenes of Japan. Peaceful and harmonious, Hasui saw the world through the lens of his printmaker's eyes and his love of Japan is evident in every print. Hasui's works done prior to the devastating Kanto Earthquake of Sept., 1923 are especially prized, both for their exquisite beauty and great rarity. When collecting Hasui works, it is important to look for fresh, unfaded color, as many Hasui prints feature subtle colors that easily fade when exposed to light, especially soft yellows, pinks and purples. Hasui once described himself as an artist whose works are "wholly drawn from nature" (shasei sokkuri). If you are looking to buy or sell, Egenolf Gallery has been a specialist in Hasui for almost 30 years–count on us as a reliable expert during this time of the artist's increasing popularity. Important note: There are recent fakes/reproductions of Hasui works that were originally printed by Doi. Please see this ESSAY to help you determine authenticiy.