Oda Tomiya 小田富弥: Beauty with Fan (Sold)

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Artist: Oda Tomiya 小田富弥 (1896-1990)
Title: Beauty with Fan
Date: circa 1935

A beauty with an arresting gaze covers her mouth with her fan in a charming  gesture. She stands out against a pure blue background. Oda Tomiya studied Japanese painting with Kitano Tsunetomi and worked as an illustrator for  magazines and illustrated novels during the late Taisho period. There are very few of his woodblock prints surviving. This work seems to have been printed in Osaka. Very scarce. Seals: Carver Yamada Sotojiroo山田外次郎. Printer: Naitoo Koshi内藤古紫. HEAD: KASHIRA頭. Fujikawa Rohei藤川路平

Condition: Very good impression, color and condition. There is a barely perceptible mat line in the white margin and a spot on one of her fingers.
Dimensions: ôban (40 x 28 cm)
Publisher: Osaka mokuhanga-sha大阪木版画社 written at left side outside margin and the seal above the names
Signature: Tomiya – saku (created)とみ弥作