Itō Shinsui: A beauty applies “Rouge” (Kuchibeni)

Itō Shinsui

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Artist: Itō Shinsui
Title: A beauty applies “Rouge” (Kuchibeni)
Series:  First Series of Modern Beauties (Gendai bijin shu dai isshu)
Date: 1929 
A beauty seated before her dressing table daubs red safflower (beni) on her ring finger, preparing to apply it to her lips. She wears a kimino decorated with bands of nadeshiko (fringed pink) flowers next to bands of stylized blue waves. Her collar is a soft creped green, and she wears a checkered obi of red and silver. She is seated on a cushion with tie-die paterns. On her makeup stand we see brushes, and next to her a bowl and hand towel. There is soft silver mica on the mirror and on her obi. With a limited edition seal verso 207?/250. 
Condition: Excellent impression and color; very good condition. There is an unprinted area near the mirror where a fiber was caught between the woodblock and the paper at the time of printing, so it is thus white rather than grey.
Dimensions: ôban 43 x 27.9 cm
Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo 
Literature: Lit: The Female Image by Amy Reigle Newland and Hamanaka Shinji, number 56, page 63.Tadasu Watanabe, Ito Shinsui: All the Woodblock Prints, 1992, p. 80, no. 52.
Seal: Shinsui
Signature: Shinsui ga


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