Ito Shinsui 伊東深水: New Cotton Kimono 初浴衣

Itō Shinsui

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Artist: Itō Shinsui 伊東深水
Title: New Cotton Kimono 初浴衣
Series: The First Series of Modern Beauties (Gendai bijin shu dai isshu) 現代美人集第
Date: 1929, Early Summer

Hatsu Yukata. A beauty draws her blue summer kimono (yukata) around her, but not before we get a glimpse of her white shoulders and pink bosom. Shinsui has captured a private moment of personal intimacy, one that we feel fortunate to witness. Shinsui could capture a very complex and subtle expression with just a few strokes of his brush, which the Watanabe studio printmakers interpreted with superb skill.  With a limited edition seal verso , numbered in Japanese out of an edition of 250. Completely unfaded, with the soft pink extant on the skin. As described by the publisher, Watanabe Shôzaburô: "'A Collection of Beautiful Women of the Present Day'" was begun to be distributed to special subscribers from July, 1929, and is limited to 250 copies only and not to be reprinted. The 200 sets are to be distributed to subscribers..." (quote is from "The new wave", page 192.)
Literature: “The Women of Shin Hanga”, plate 41, page 182. Reigle Newland, Amy, and Hamanaka Shinji, The female image: 20th century prints of Japanese beauties, 2000, p. 66, pl. 61. "The new wave" (1993), Stevens, Amy Reigle ed, plate 250, page 191.
Condition: Excellent impression, color and condition. 
Dimensions: 43.6 x 28 cm
Seal: Shinsui
Signature: Shinsui saku


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