Ishikawa Toraji 石川寅治: Standing Nude with Original Keyblock

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Artist: Ishikawa Toraji  石川寅治
Title: Standing Nude
Series: Ten Types of Female Nudes 裸女十種
Date: 1934
Size: 48.3 x 37.3 cm

A standing nude admires her reflection in a red vanity mirror. Her hair is in the short, bobbed “moga” (modern girl) style, which reflects a short-lived period during the 20s and 30s when women were claiming more modern roles for themselves. Behind her the patterned wallpaper and western-style curtain present strong contrasts to the soft tint of her skin. This series was itself quite controversial, as the nudity is more proclamative than intimate, and the Japanese authorities attempted to ban this series at the time of its release. The National Gallery of Victoria termed this series Toraji’s “tour de force”. The surroundings as well as her posture, hairstyle and even her figure are all very western. With mica in the silver wallpaper. Includes the original keyblock that was part of the production of the print. 

Condition: Excellent impression and color. Very good condition.
Publisher: Self published (with Yamagishi Kazue)
Signature: Ishikawa