Hasui: Kinosaki, Tajima. (Sold)

Kawase Hasui

  • Sold.

Artist: Kawase Hasui
Title: Kinosaki, Tajima.
Series: Souvenirs of Travels, Third Series (Tabi miyage dai sanshu)
Date: 1924

(Suo Kintaikyo). A pedestrian with a yellow umbrella turns away from the viewer, increasing the feeling of solitude in this very moody work. One can also see what looks like a jinriksha driver heading in this direction as well. Masterfully evocative in tones of black and grey, there are no outlines at all in this design. It is worth noting that the absence of the series title in the work can sometimes indicate a very early impression, as here. Bearing the earliest Watanabe seal for this work.

Condition: Excellent impression, color and condtion.
Dimensions: ôban 26 x 38.5 cm
Publisher: Watanabe Shôzaburô
Literature: Narazaki #126; Hotei #121
Seal: Kawase
Signature: Hasui


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