Yoshitoshi: Blood-covered Enjo Kihachiro

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

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Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi
Title:  Blood-covered Enjo Kihachiro
Series: Twenty-eight Famous Murders with Verse (Eimei nijuhasshuku)
Date: 1867

Enjo Kihachiro, pierced with arrows, has crawled to the base of a Buddhist statue, perhaps seeking some solace. He leans on his sword with his right hand and seems to look behind him for a pursuer. A pole-arm weapon rests on the ground next to him. Thick, shiny pigment has been hand applied to approximate real blood.

Condition: Very good impression and color. Good condition. First edition with hand-applied blood. Backed, with minor surface wrinkles.
Dimensions: ôban (36 x 24.4 cm)
Publisher: Kinseidô
Literature: Beaty & Violence, series #16.8. Keyes number 183.2.
Seal: Kiri
Signature: Ikkaisai Yoshitoshi hitsu


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